“Our best assurances as providers that our services are meeting the needs of those we serve is to listen to them often,  in an environment where they feel safe and welcome and are received as equal partners in the work.  While we orient and train our system providers over a period of time, with supervisory support, we ask youth and families to familiarize themselves with our complex system, myriad acronyms, and changing team members while they are in crisis.   It is important that every provider educate and diligently include youth and family voice at every level of the work if they, and we, are to be successful.

Paulette Mader-Lead Family Coordinator PPS 2.0

Rutgers-UBHC Behavioral Research and Training Institute

“Youth and families know better than anyone what they need to heal and thrive. The Children’s Interagency Coordinating Councils provide a critical community connection to the continuum of local youth and family-serving systems. The NJ Department of Children and Families is pleased to partner with the CIACCs to ensure that our statewide and local systems of care are as supportive and seamless as possible. Together, we are working to help all families be safe, healthy and connected.   – Mollie Greene, Assistant Commissioner, Children’s System of Care.”

Mollie Greene, Assistant Commissioner, Children’s System of Care

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